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Monday, 1 August 2011

Event Innovation Examples from Association Congress, London, July 2011

At the Association Congress in London in July we had a session looking at innovation. We discussed what innovation in the world of events actually was. In order to discuss and look at examples we split innovation into ten sections:

  1. Running different types of events: moving away from the standard conference / exhibition
  2. Involving your sponsors and or exhibitors differently than in the past
  3. Raising the income (and the level of income) from various sources
  4. Engaging suppliers as much as possible, perhaps to share some risk and some reward?
  5. Engaging people more directly with your event  
  6. Making it truly memorable
  7. Using social media or new technology
  8. Extending the useful ‘shelf life’ of your event
  9. Changing the format of the event including making it longer and shorter
  10. Having objectives that stretch the event and impact the organisation or the sector
The delegates discussed examples and then helped me come up with this little post conference report. I hope you find it useful.

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